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How to choose bathroom sinks in 2022?

Today I will tell you how to choose a bathroom sink that suits us.

When you go to the mall or see all kinds of wash basins on Amazon, do you feel dizzy? I don’t know how to start, I feel that this one is good, that one is also okay, I am struggling with the phobia warning

The following is a summary of the knowledge points of the wash basin for you, to let you go one step further from your Dream Bathroom

First of all, we have to classify various basins according to their shapes:

The first type is the above counter basin, which has a variety of shapes and can be selected. The disadvantage is that the depth of the basin is generally shallow, easy to enter water, and there are some sanitary corners, which are not convenient to take care of.

If you want to choose an above counter basin, remember to choose Materials that are easier to manage, such as artificial stone or ceramics. Don’t choose materials that are difficult to clean, such as glass, or you will have trouble in the future.

choose bathroom sinks Ceramic Bathroom Sink Wholesale-TOPBASIN

The second type is the undercounter basin, which is better to take care of than the two just introduced. Although the shape is relatively simple, the available sizes are more abundant. It is chosen by many families in daily life. The disadvantage is that the countertops and wash basins are glued together. Ordinary ceramic basins cannot be seamlessly bonded.

Therefore, after a long time, this circle is easy to mold and breed bacteria. Although the artificial stone basin does not have this shortcoming, it can be seamlessly spliced ​​with the countertop, but the price will be much more expensive.

choose bathroom sinks Ceramic Bathroom Sink Wholesale-TOPBASIN

The third type is semi-recessed washbasin, this kind of washbasin is very suitable for small apartment, especially saving space. When the depth of your bathroom cabinet or countertop is very tight, you can consider this first. The disadvantage is that it is a bit similar to ceramics.

For undercounter basins, if the surrounding bonding edges cannot be seamlessly bonded, it is easy to breed bacteria, or if the bonding is not very tight, water seepage and rot in the bathroom cabinet. Similarly, artificial stone basins can perfectly solve these problems. But because of the high price, friends with a budget can refer to it.

choose bathroom sinks Ceramic Bathroom Sink Wholesale-TOPBASIN

The fourth type is a one-piece basin, just as it is more integrated, relatively speaking, there are no hygienic corners. It is also a popular choice in the past one or two years, and I also prefer a one-piece basin, so I will focus on this part of the one-piece basin. There are three common materials-rock slabs, ceramics, and artificial stones.

choose bathroom sinks Ceramic Bathroom Sink Wholesale-TOPBASIN

The rock slab and artificial stone are responsible for the absolute appearance. The rock slab is not easy to bleed and is more durable and wear-resistant, but the artificial stone is more advanced than it, especially in these years, there has been an integrated basin with obscured lines.

The matte surface can highlight the advanced temperament, and it also has the characteristics of the rock slab not easy to see The one-piece basin made of stone material can achieve 0 gaps and zero water seepage rate. It is not too good, and the one-piece basin made of artificial material is suitable for a variety of personalized needs. You can also customize the design of the water retaining structure, customize the size of the countertop, etc.,

to help you To build your DREAM BATHROOM, if you want to say the biggest shortcoming, it is still an expensive word. Therefore, we have to customize the integrated basin of artificial stone or rock slab (If you don’t pay attention, it is a white flower ticket), we must pay attention to the following two aspects. The second is to pay attention to the slope of the platform. If it is not set properly, it is particularly prone to water accumulation.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that no matter which deep basin you choose is more practical, if you pursue a minimalist sense of quality, you can let the faucet into the wall. In short, you can choose according to your budget and preferences.

Ivy Wong

Ivy Wong

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